Pyramid Run Safety

What to Bring: Clothing on the run is up to you, but conditions on the day could easily be very hot, very cold and everything in between. The saddle is exposed to the wind. We recommend you carry a long-sleeved waterproof top. If particularly cold, wet, or windy, you should carry a suitable warm top, gloves and hat. Often it’s hot and sunny, so don’t forget your sun hat and sun block!

There are four water stations at regular intervals on the course but many competitors chose to carry their own liquids. The course crosses two streams – if you choose to drink from these, it is at your own risk.

All marshals on the course have cell phones and can make contact with the race director at the finish area.  There will be a tail-end Charlie following the last competitor.

Please look after each other and get word to the next marshal if anyone is in difficulty.

Take with you any medication you need or think you may need and wear appropriate clothing.

If you pull out of the race, please let the time keepers or marshals know so we don’t go searching for you!!!

If you come across any stock-move round them as quietly as you can.

Stay on the well marked course.  Spectators keep to the DOC marked trails only.

The Pyramid run is presented by Templeton Construction Ltd.

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