Author: Jason Swain


Weather looking good for tomorrow

Earlier in the week we had a forecast for rain tomorrow, but in the latest updates that has changed to decent weather. It’s been really hot in Twizel all week, summer has definitely arrived....


What’s it like to be a Hard Labourer?

Have you wondered what it’s like to do all three events at Twizel Hard Labour Weekend, the kayak, mountain bike, and run? Hannah Rae tried this for the first time last year as the...


Win a Kids bike

To all the kids thinking of entering the junior events (under12) at this years, Twizel Hard Labour Weekend. Check out this bike on offer as a spot prize. It will be either this size...


Entries Open for 2017

The web site is updated and race entries are all set to go, so now’s a great time to book your place for Twizel Hard Labour 2017.


All Done for 2016

The prize-givings over for 2016, so we are all done. Yet again the weather was great and everyone had a really good time. Thanks to MOW bar and Scotts Brewery for making the prize-giving...

Get your entries in now

Get your entries in now

The weather for the weekend is looking great so enter now. Online entries close at 5 pm on Thursday 20th October and after that you will have to enter on the day for an...

Canal Kayak – footwear is required

Canal Kayak – footwear is required

We’ve updated the rules for the Canal Kayak to make footwear required for the portage sections. Before now it was highly recommended but not required. The change was made because last year some of...