Meridian Hard Labour 2 x $500 power prizes for top female and male competitor of the Hard Labourer

We’re pleased to announce Meridian Energy have kindly sponsored two $500 power prizes for the top male and top female competitors. This is a fantastic addition to our prize pool this year!

Who can enter – The prize is for the top male and female competitors of the Meridian Hard Labour event. $500 for the top female and $500 for the top male entrant.

Eligibility – Eligible entrants are those competing in the Hard Labourer category of the Meridian Hard Labour Event

Announcement of winners – The prizes will be awarded at the Meridian Hard Labour event prize giving

Contact – Meridian will contact winners via email post the event.

Transferrable – If the winners are not Meridian customers they can join and have the credit on their account. If the winners are not Meridian customers and chose not to become a Meridian customer, they can gift to another person who is a Meridian customer or they can donate it to a school of their choice.

Cancel /extend – Meridian reserves the right to use the prize winners’ name and photographs for publicity purposes.

As the prize is for winners of an event, Meridian staff who enter the event are eligible to win the prize.

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